key phrase combiner

Keyphrase Combiner is a web app created for automating the tedious action of combining keywords with a newly found descriptor keyword. A simple example:

Let's say we are trying to compile a list of keywords for a client specializing in the medical realm of "ostomy", "ileostomy", and "colostomy". While we're doing the initial research we find that all three of these words could be inside of a new keyphrase with descriptors like "supplies", "tools", "clothing", "equipment", "surgery". This can quickly become a long list of new words to type.

With Keyphrase Combiner, you can do you research smarter/quicker, by separating all "Core Phrases" and all "Descriptor Phrases" in your spreadsheet. Then simply copy, paste, and combine. One more copy paste job back into your spreadsheet and you have all your new combined keyphrases.

Pre-Descriptor Phrases

Core Keyword Phrases

Descriptor Phrases

Combined Keyword Phrases